This blog is an informal collection of my thoughts on cryptography, smart contracts, and other random topics. My personal projects are taking up the vast majority of my time currently, but I am open to hearing about opportunities on interesting projects, see my contact info.

The writing here reflects my current thought process on various topics, if you see something that I’ve written here that is incorrect please do not hesitate to contact me about it. I am always looking for ways to improve my understanding, and any assistance with that is invaluable.

In the spirit of several other bloggers that I enjoy, posts here are not static, and will be updated with time. This seems to bother some people, but I endlessly enjoy improving my posts as I go.

The changes made to this blog are all publically recorded and dated in the commit history, so older versions of posts will never be removed or deleted. That said, I don’t plan to include changelogs or last modified dates on any specific posts unless I completely redo significant portions of them.

The pen name annihilator-module is a reference to a type of annihilator.

Site Design

The site is designed with a very minimal theming and seems to run pretty well in terminal browsers. I tested it against Lynx, elinks, w3m, and dillo, it seems functional in each. Having a complex looking website design often just distracts meaninglessly from the content so I have opted for simplicity.

There are numerous other sites that discuss the advantages of minimalist web design, I generally hold the same values espoused by them. I am a huge fan of projects like txti that are trying to bring back a simpler web design.

The font-size on this blog is set very large on purpose. Please message me if you encounter any bugs or accessibility issues with the site.